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From single display to one complete store project: we with 20 years expert , From a concept or hand sketch to a finished product: we are creative , From a raw materials to a quality displays: we are prudent. From workshop to your brand store: we are your one-stop service solid display: solution expert of your shop display

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Solution expert of shop display with 20 years, supply from design to production in one stop service.

Solid Displays

Solid Displays

Solid Displays Company CV. Solid displays is a professional retail display designer and manufacturer in Xiamen, China. It was found in 2008 and has experience of more than 20 years in the store display fixtures sector. We have set up independent trade department, delicated to international business since 2011. It aims for better services in design, communication, order and logistics for the overseas clients. We bring rich experience for more than 20 years specialized in display solution for clients. Provide professional display solutions with 20 years experience. Supply from single display to one complete project in one-stop service. Have true fabricating capability to produce outstanding products. Capability of service in office   Department Works Operaters Marketing Industry information content and ads 2 Project & sales Leads the business and project processing 5 cost controller Cost calculating checking 2 Design Technical drawings by Auto CAD, Solidworks and Adobe PS/AI/CRD 2 QC  Processing and finial quality control 2 after sales service After sales service 1 Metal parts of the displays (metal displays):  4000W laser cutting machine, digital cutting machine, CNC machines, robot-welding machines, welding machines, banding machines, digital grooving machine,  punching machines, drilling machines, polishing machines and the powder coating lines etc. Capability of metallic workshop Cutting area Machine works Operators 15K Laser *1 maximum power for cuting 30mm thickness normal aluminum or brass, 50mm SS plate or steel plate 4 2K Laser * 1 normal for 1-5mm thickness steel 2 750W Laser *1 cutting holes on tubes 1 Punching * 5 For big quantities and forming parts 3 Digital cutting * 2 Tube cutting  1 Normal cutting * 2 Tube cutting 1 Welding area Robert welding * 5 Mass production welding 3 Arc welding * 5 strong metal  partswelding 3 Tig welding * 5 Quality metal partswelding 3 Aluminum welding * 2 Aluminum parts welding 1 Spot welding * 2 wire welding 2 Polishing area Polishing machine different kinds of polishing machine for clearing and mirror polishing 4 Surface treatment Power coating line 1 Phosphorus spraying line 20 Power coating line 2 Pickling line 8 Big Oven * 3 For big metal parts power coating heart oven 4 Vacuum plating Out soucesing, for stainless steel part plated W Dip plating Chrome plated, Zinc plated etc W electrophoresis make color with thin surface cover W Packing area Packing operation Clearing, finical QC checking, assembling and packing area 8 Wooden parts of the displays (wood displays): CNC machines, digital cutting saw, edge-banding machines, heavy cool processing machines, laminating machine, digital drilling machine, auto sanding machines, spray painting room etc. Capability of wooden workshop Cutting area Machine works Operators Digital cutting saw * 1 atuomatic Accurate and efficient cutting, 100pcs per hour for cutting 2 sliding table saw * 2 Normal wooden plate cutting 1 CNC cutting * 4 Engraving on the flat wood plates  2 Raw drill * 2 Drilling holes in raw on wood 1 Surface treatment of particle board auto edge banding * 2 edge banding of PVC and wood 3 edge banding * 1 handle control edge banding for Irregular edge Creating and polishing painting Cool pressing Pressing wood part together strongly, such as honycomb board 2 Nailing and gluing assembling wood parts by nail and glue together 3 polishing Polishing before lacquer painting 5 Spray painting room dust free lacquer painting room                                                                       2 drying room dust free drying room Packing area Packing operation Clearing, finical QC checking, assembling and packing area  8    Acrylic parts of the displays (acrylic displays):  CNC, laser cutting machines, digital cutting saw, heat bending machines, gluing equipments, large vacuum machine, diamond-polishing machines, printing machines etc. Capability of plastic workshop Cutting area Machine works Operators Digital cutting saw * 1 atuomatic Accurate and efficient cutting, 100pcs per hour for cutting 2 sliding table saw * 2 Normal wooden plate cutting 1 CNC cutting * 4 Engraving on the flat wood plates  1 Laser cutting * 4 laser cutting acrylic 1 Polishing Diamond polishing * 2 Diamond polishing all edges 1 Buren polishing  * 2 Buren polishing all edges 2 Bending & vacuum and gluding heat bending line * 5 bending the plates in angle 3 heat oven * 2 800x700 biggest vacuum foam 2 Gluing table * 20 Gluing acrylic part together 4 Packing area Packing waterline * 1 Mass production packing 5 UV printing Full colorUV pinting  Digital UV printing  2 Silkscreen printing Silkscreen printing Graphic silkscreen printing 1 Injection  Injecting machine * 5 ABS, PMMA, PS,PC,PVC,POM etc any injection parts 2 The purpose of solid displays is to be an expert of retail display solutions. We are committed to providing long-term and valuable display solutions for our clients. We've helped thousands of businesses directly or indirectly, I.E: Cocacalo, Lasessor, powerslide, eurolook, Philips, paulmitchell, diesel, victor, puma etc. Involved industries include: Fashion, sport, electronic, cosmetic, glasses, tools, kitchenwear, dollar store and supermarket. We are looking forward to joining your business and confident to be your great partner. Solid displays supply a wide range of store display products, including wood, metal, plastic, glass and their combination.Our main products include perimeter store fixtures, gondola display, endcap display, counter display and free standing fixtures etc. As a professional manufacturer we offer the best services for designer and as a outstanding designer we provide the best inspiration for market. Our orientation: Focus on retail displays. Our mission: One-stop solution expert of shop displays. Why choose solid:     From single display to one complete store project: WE HAVE 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE From a concept or a hand sketch to a finished product: WE ARE CREATIVE From raw materials to an quality displays: WE ARE PRUDENT From our workshop to your brand store: WE ARE YOUR ONE-STOP SERVICER SOLID Display: Solution expert of your shop display
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All in one-stop services for retail display solutions,find your excellent store display fixtures correctly. We will supply custom services according to your needs.

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As a professional expert of display solutions,we supply unique display designs and customize products for you.

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