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What is Floor POP display stand?

It can be used as a separate display unit to display products (Floor Stand Display Unit, FSDU) in the store. As the most golden area of the entire store, it is worth our extra attention to design a suitable floor-standing display stand to create a better display experience, enhance shoppers' awareness of products and for the sales promotion. Classically speaking, a complete floor stand display unit (FSDU) often needs to contain several elements 1: the top is usually made of logo + slogan, which is used for graphic with point of sales, and the top shelves of the POP display like a window, the shopper can over view of the what is for sales, 2 sides and the back plates with pictures for selling points and advertising promotion, the shelves to displays with all of the products orderly arrangement, which is convenient for shoppers to choose, the base part can be made as storage cabinet, which can store the goods for easy sales, bottom can usually have wheels for easy movement.

Floor display stand can use various materials to realize the function for different kind of products. Generally, it is made of metal, wood, acrylic or a mixture of various types materials. You need one professional service provider to provide your brand and products sales promotion. Solid displays should be your correct choice to custom made your Floor POP display stand

Advantages of floor display in all aspects

1:Floor stand

Floor displays and freestanding fixtures are units designed to hold and show merchandise out on the floor-where the traffic is.

2:Gondola and Endcap

The ends of the gondolas are valuable feature areas known as endcaps. Endcaps can offer product trials, tasting, or testing. They are key areas facing main aisles that highlight and promote products.

3:Platforms and elevations

Platforms and elevations are small buildups used to provide interest and to help separate merchandise in mass displays.

4:Display shelving unit

The display shelving unit is an open, multi-shelf display fixture. It is most often used to show china, glass, home furnishings accessories, and small gifts.

5:Display case/shadowbox

A display case (also called showcase, display cabinet, shadow box, or vitrine) is a cabinet with one or often more real glass (or plastic normally acrylic for strength) surfaces, used to display objects for viewing. A display case may appear in an exhibition, museum, retail store, restaurant, or house

As one floor display unit, it can also make a variety types display racks according to the shape of the product to adapt to the product's production line, so that the product display can achieve the final effect, not only the classification is orderly, the display is beautiful, It also highlights the brand's ability to enhance shopping experience in stores. Therefore, according to the characteristics of the product, you need a professional display stand supplier. Solid will be a very wise choice for you

Floor POP Display Stand

Floor POP Display Stand

Based on the importance of Floor stand display unit in the POP word, it is necessary for us to elaborate in more details. For example, the choice of materials: general permanent POP displays are generally made of metal, wood and acrylic or their mixture, and different effects need to be made according to different types of products

According above for the classic FSDU, how to make the banner top logo? How to make the top windows for better show? How to make the shelves Used more flexibly,  how to create the Fsdu Lighter and easier to assemble? Etc… you need one suitable POP display supplier.

For instance: you want to sales your tile, you need to the tile display stand with heavy duty but can be used multipurpose. For the fashion brand. You need to create your POP free standing can out standing in the store for fashion, For the make up store, you need to make your make-up display with more eye-catching .


Floor Displays

Acrylic display box

Display showcase for candy or others'  with package food displays.

it is complete made of thickness clear acrylic

it is modular system, can layer on & extensionable

Each display box with door, different box to display different types candy.

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Floor Displays

Wooden Display case

Wooden display case, combined with wooden cabinet with shape platform and clear acrylic box cover.

Made of OSB wooden and clear acrylic

Merchandising  for exhibition, museum, retail store etc.

Black OSB wooden natural ourstanding with a window box.

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Floor Displays

Recepiton Display Showcase

This is one combined display showcase.

it combined with 5 unit showcases, of them are them is corner cabinet.

Made of malemiane MDF, with tempered glass top, with drawer and cabinet.

Used in shop front as reception desk

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Floor Displays

Golf wedges display stand

Cusomized POP display stand for golf wedges

Free standing on the Golf club or related retails.

Metal body combined with FPVC backgrond, red printed logo and magnetic sticker graphic

Knock down type for transport safely.

Custom made unique brand POP displays

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Floor Displays

Floor stand brochure displays

Doule side with brochure holders

different size of brochure holders suit for different dimention.

Complete knock down packaging

The free floor standing display made of MDF with lacquer painted. with clear acrylic brochure holder

Double side top with logo or sologan.

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Floor Displays

Floor Display stand

Double side with catalog or brochure display holders

Brochure /catalog holders can be height adjustable

2 edges with POP graphic.

base with wheels can be easy moving

Main display was made of metal, and knock down packed

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Floor Displays

Double sided shoes display

Double sides shoes POP displays free standing

illuminated doule sides frame.

with shoe display shelves, can displays 32 pairs (64pcs)

Whole in one piece, all in durable metal + LED strips lighting.

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Floor Displays

Slatwall display stand

This is one completely free floor standing slatwall displays unit.

It is 1 way for merchandising.

Metal frame and melamine slatwall

slatwall with different standard types of hanging bars or hooks

Header with Channels can fit POP banner or logo

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Take advantage of your retail floor space with one of our many floor display units, as the one of the important part of the store, how to custom the unique floor POP displays for the sales promotion, brand levels. 

POP displays As the key of your sales key to increased product perceptibility, By upping its visibility – incorporating logo, slogan, or other identifiable signs – to make the brand more recognizable, consumers can opt to purchase the brand being endorsed. FSDU is center of the store

Floor displays and freestanding fixtures are units designed to hold and show merchandise out on the floor-where the traffic is.How to make the Point of purchase of displays? it is related to the products promotion, from the logo, slogan, how to merchandising the products,  position of the POP displays ? it needs expector for the sales promotion

Protecting our environment is the foundation for sustaining our planet, community and economy. Eco-manufacturing is the creation of manufactured products through economically-sound processes that minimize negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources. Solid Displays strives towards long-term success by implementing eco-friendly manufacturing processes

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