Metal POP Displays

The first choice materials in POP displays

There many different types materials can be choice for POP (point of sales) displays, such as wood, plastic etc… but metal is the top request by the market. Because of the features of the metal is apt to be formed, durable, sturdy , functionality & eco-friendly.

Mature production and manufacturing processes enable the structure, shape, appearance, then can be put on different colors by different finishing, leads the most popular used in the point of purchase/sales

Floor Display

Wood POP Displays

Unleashing Brand Charisma, Showcasing Nature's Beauty!

Wooden  POP displays means POP displays made of wood. It is one of important parts in the POP displays used. Humanizing the store through the use of wood displays provides the means for achieving a warm and inviting ambiance.

Our material knowledge and engineering experience enable us to provide wood display solutions suited to your specific requirements, can be totally in wooden displays or as part of the POP displays

Acrylic POP Displays

A Perfect Combination Of Creativity And Attractiveness


POP displays made of acrylic play an important role in the retail and display industry. They not only attract consumers' attention but also effectively display the characteristics of products and brand images. This page aims to introduce acrylic POP displays in detail, including their characteristics, manufacturing process, design advantages, application areas, and quality control.


Single glasses display holder

Gold brushed stainless steel plated.

Elegant glasses merchandising.

soft touch base for the counter top

it is good for the luxury store

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wall display

Wall display frame, can free standing on the floor or fit on the wall.

Made of steel tube.

Extendable per the store size.

Custom made different trys of dispaly accessories (hooks, shelf, bars etc)

Completely knock down flat packaging.

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Display shelving unit

It is unique shape floor display stand

Metal tube upright and sheet metal shelves

with 6 differet ways shelves.

Knock down flat packed by 1 small carton.

Customized color

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Counter riser shoe display

black riser display

suit for boot or shoe

Logo on the front and colored lines on the sides

anti-slip riser top

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Counter display box

Counter display box

Matt's black lacquer painting on wood

Counter display box for umbrella

With a handle hole for easy moving

with slat hole channel for brand or POP.

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Floor stand sign displays

Free standing signage display stand

height adjustable.

top with clear acrylic clip for the paper or graphic.

can be customized in different sizes: A1 A2, A3,A4,A5 ,A6 etc.

completely knock down type,  small packaging

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POP displays is the performance of the products. specailly the customize POP displays needs specialist on that. why? There are many different types of raw materials, you can choice metal, wood, acrylic or else, with different finishing. The pop displays is the key of the brand expression and the sales problem. So important right? & how to make the correct choice for your custom POP displays?

>>> when you start  looking for sales promotion & explain your brand outstanding in the big world market. That is the key reason for custom made your unique POP displays, (point of purchase / point of sales) in the store

>>> How to make the choice? it is very difficult and lots of different choice. You know what your want but maybe do not how to operate it. You need the specilist who can make your idea to reality, who know the design and create, know the features of the materials , understood the what is the POP. Solid displays in custom POP displays from 2008 year. We understand the brand demand and know how to make the explain.

>>> There are many different types mateils can be used for your custom POP displays, different tpyes metal, different types wood, plastic or others' . Solid mix metal, wood and plastic capability Knowledge and experience, and sevice for the POP brand display sector from 2008 year, it should be your correct choice

>>> Yes, we can ship to virtually anywhere in the world. Typically we will use international express, like DHL, EMS, Fedex, UPS, TNT... We can also arrange shipments on your own courier account if you prefer to take this route.

>>> Yes, we are happy to supply small samples of material for you to test. We can also supply prototype quantities through to volume production to suit your needs.

>>> This depends totally on the complexity of your requirements. For simple items such as bars and rods, we can generally supply a quotation within 24 hours.

>>> For our standard products, total producing time is about 20-30 working days.

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