Custom POP Make-up displays

How to customize POP display for make-up brands

How much do you know about cosmetics display racks? (Introduction of the types of common display racks)

When you walk into any shopping mall or beauty store and see the dazzling array of bottles and jars on the counter, many customers can't resist temptation to stop and look carefully at the new products. Most of them are displayed on exquisite and high-end POS acrylic booths with designed LED lights, which often make the cosmetics bottles more dazzling and attract passers-by.

Different retail spaces require unique display racks, and a variety of merchandises also require various booths to be presented. Do you know the following common types of display racks in beauty stores?

customized make up displays

Custom make-up POP displays

This kind of POP displays is often located in the center of the store or in a conspicuous place of the display cabinet. It is usually composed of several modules or presented in a single form, and can be arranged according to store needs or seasonal themes. Because there are many types of products displayed in a store, and different products require different display methods and effects, this type of display rack is often used to promote flagship products. Shapes, colors and materials are customized to match each season's new products, encouraging customers to make impulse purchases.

This kind of display fixture is often located in the center of the store or in a highlight place of the display cabinet to promote flagship products.Because there are many types of products displayed in a store, it can elevate the attraction of organized assortment. It is modular or adaptable design to be easily arranged according to store needs or seasonal themes.Shapes, colors and materials are customized to match each season's new products, encouraging customers make decisions in a non-intrusive manner.

2. Floor-standing POP Make-up Displays

This is a kind of independent cosmetics display rack. Commonly seen are double-sided display racks and single-sided display racks. They can be used as independent cabinets in stores, or they can be strung together to form an aisle in a store. In Watsons, Sephora, and Colorist, where we often visit, we can see a large number of this type of island cabinets, which can be used to display perfumes, skin care, or cosmetics.

This is the most practical and popular shop furniture.

Custom POP Make-up displays

3. Wall Display for make-up 

This kind of floor-standing wall cabinets are often located around the store. They can store and display more products in an orderly manner, so that consumers can find them at a glance and facilitate their selection. There will be LED light strips above each wall cabinet to make the product display more eye-catching and prominent. There will also be customized light signs from various brands to effectively attract customers. The color and material of this type of display rack are often customized according to store requirements. Different decoration styles recommend the use of different materials. Common ones include iron frames, wooden frames, or a combination of iron and wood.

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