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The first choice materials in POP displays

There many different kinds materials can be choice for your custom POP (point of sales) displays, such as wood, plastic etc… but metal is the first choice, if you visit the brand store or supermarket, you will find most of  the display was made of metal. Because of the features of the metal is apt to be formed, durable, sturdy , functionality & eco-friendly.

1: The widespread use of metals is a product of industrialization, that is the point of reason the metal is popular now. 

2: Mature production and manufacturing processes enable the structure, shape, appearance, then can be put on different colors by different finishing, leads the most popular used in the point of purchase/POS displays

3: metal is functionality as well as eco-friendly, permanent and recyclable as well

Metal Displays
Metal Displays

Metal properties and industry use:

Metal is a collective name, metal includes many kinds of different metallic, In custom metal pop displays used: steel, iron, stainless steel, different types of aluminum, cooper etc… metal means strong & durable always different types metal with different kind of finishing: 

1:Normally iron or steel can be finished in: powder coated in different kind of colors, our-door used or in house used. Can be treated by plated, zinc plated, chrome plated, hot dipped etc… steel is the most popular of metal.

2: Stainless steel with brushed, polished mirror or plated, can be plated with gold, cooper etc… it is good for luxury brand but it more expensive than steel or iron

3: aluminum is good for extraction or injection the different kind or shape, then can be sanding and plated into different kind of color, it is light but durable. It become more and more popular in the customized POP displays.

Metal products manufacturing process

As above you can see that there are different types of metal, but here we are explaining the steel as the standard metal, it is the most popular raw materials & mature process. You can see the process of the steps below, from the order was confirmed, Solid displays team need to make the technical drawing file for production, and make the upfront sample for testing. One everything was confirmed, it goes ahead for the boom list for the mass production.

From raw mateils purchasing to the packaging and QC inspection, each step will be processwed properly by the skillful operators with the quality facilities. Solid displays handling all the processing to make sure the finial qality. We believe the quality products was done by each process but not the only finical checked.

Metal Displays

Metal POP displays

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Creative & creation

Capability of metal Fabricating in Solid

Capability of metal fabricating in Solid

Why the metal is the first choice in the custom pop displays, here will guide you solid displays capability and the facilities can do for the metal.

Turnover: 10-15 million USD

Workshop area: 10000 Square meters

Staff: 60

Facilities in the metal workshop

Machine name Quantities Operator
Laser cutting table 2 2
Laser pipe cutting 1 1
Digital pipe saw 1 1
Robot Tig welding 3 2
Robot laser welding 2 1
Robot Mig welding 2 1
Normal welding machine 8 4
Digital bending 2 2
Punching machine 5 3
Sport welding table 3 2
Power coating line 1 18
Assembling & packaging 8 8


Custom POP  displays is key to increased product perceptibility.So why to choice  matel as your custom made POP displays? and how to choice the supplier?

Mature production and manufacturing processes enable the structure, shape, appearance, then can be put on different colors by different finishing, leads the most popular used in the point of purchase/POS displays

1: Consider the brand? what is you want to performance in the metal POP displays? it needs to consider the shape, the color etc...

2: The bearing, choice what kind of thickness metal that suit for ?

3: Compare others' raw metails but finial choice metal.

Solid displays know how to make the Point of purchase of displays. it is related to the products promotion, from the logo, slogan, how to merchandising the products,  position of the POP displays ? it needs expector for the sales promotion

Protecting our environment is the foundation for sustaining our planet, community and economy. Eco-manufacturing is the creation of manufactured products through economically-sound processes that minimize negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources. Solid Displays strives towards long-term success by implementing eco-friendly manufacturing processes 

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