Solid in 2020 Euroshop

Solid display in 2020 Euroshop

In order to better communicate with the industry leaders, Solid display has long planned to participate in the 2020 retail exhibition EUROSHOP2020. We know that there are many excellent enterprises that will show themselves there. We also hope to promote our progress through communication as we all know, solid company is a Xiamen supplier specialized in providing customized display props. Although it has been engaged in the industry for more than 10 years, it has one-stop service from design to production of different kind of POP displays. We only provide excellent products and services for a few existing customers, but we may be able to do better, so the company chose I hope to provide services for more enterprises and brands. At the same time, it promotes its own development through communication.

Novel coronavirus was introduced to the exhibition on schedule, after several months of preparation, the company met with some old customers and new customers during the exhibition. It was very nice to exchange with old customers on their own booth and tell them something they didn't know, and get some information we don't know, broaden the existing customers' inherent understanding of the company. For new customers, they will be more impressed by the company's products. At the same time, they also visited some trade booths and found that the traditional production process of display shelf products must be coordinated with light and It can promote the promotion of product sales and use some more environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, which can promote the healthy development of the industry and nature. This time the reference harvest is quite many.


After the exhibition, the team of the company visited the customers in Germany and Holland respectively and had a good communication with the customers. At the same time, they found some shortcomings of the company and made good memos. For some new opportunities, we hope to expand and grow together with the customers, and for some deficiencies that do not conform to the local habits company will make further improvement.           


2020 is bound to be a fruitful year for solid in the display rack industry. Although the world economy has been affected by some viruses, good products and services will be better.                       

Solid in 2020 Euroshop


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