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Welcome One source industries Audit

Most of the company's business is in the European market, but since 2017,it has been engaged in the North American market development, with professional market research, business follow-up and maintenance practitioners. The whole company is very interested in North America, the world's largest POP displays, POS display market. Several times before, customers came to see the factory by themselves for checking the capability. This is the first time that customers entrust third-party personnel to inspect the factory. The whole company welcomed the people who came to inspect the factory.

The process of customer entrusted factory inspection is: we receive several inquiries from customers about the pop display, pos display what made of metal, wood or acrylic displays, and then entrust a third-party factory after our offer is competitive. The products we offer include hardware, acrylic and wood products, but the factory is arranged in the hardware department, because the ratio of hardware products is the largest.

pop display manufacturing audit

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