Perimeter wall displays

All the space of the store has commercial value, and it is the pursuit of every store to build a space with a good shopping experience. The part against the wall occupies a large part of the store, and the display against the wall is an important part of the entire store merchandising . Generally speaking, there are display racks placed directly on the floor against the wall, and there are also direct fixed the store fixtures on the wall.

The perimeter wall displays has the following features

1: Heavy duty, safe and reliable

2: Extensible and modular.

3: It can be made into a window merchandising

4: Generally, it can be shelves fixed on the wall, and there are also wall brackets (wall shelves and wall display rack)


The top binefits of using your wall displays

1: POP displays mounted on the wall, it lean against the wall, means it good for heavy duty

2: It is extensible in vertical & horizontal way.

3: Shelves, cross bars, hooks, braskets etc can be mounted on the wall directly.

4: wall displays can transform add-shaped and divided into sections, means it good for shop-in-shop displays.



Wall Mounted Display Fixtures

Wall Mounted Display Fixtures

Wall Mounted Display Fixtures

Deco wood base and metal upright with adjustable grids and fittings

Color:  Natural wood effective deco background, black PDC metal parts, or customized color

Fixtures suit different kinds of product displays, such as shoes, balls, and other light products. Easy DIY on the wall for different kinds of product merchandising.

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Perimeter Store Fixtures

One type of perimeter store fixture

With slot on the backplate to insert shelf brackets

Assemble various types of shelves and hooks to display different types of products

All are made of metal, the standard product on the market.

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Perimeter Shelving

Perimeter Shelving

One type of Perimeter shelving can be free standing on the floor

With slot on the backplate to insert the shelves bracket

Graphics with magnetics can be stuck anywhere

DIY for different type of shelves and hooks to merchandise different types of products

All are made of metal, the standard product on the market.

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Wall Display

Wall display frame, can free standing on the floor or fit on the wall.

Made of steel tube.

Extendable per the store size.

Custom made different trys of dispaly accessories (hooks, shelf, bars etc)

Completely knock down flat packaging.

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Wall displays means the perimeter of one brand store. A wall-mounted
display rack is more effective at drawing shoppers' attention compared to floor
. How to custom made the unique wall displays?

POP displays As the key of your sales key to increased product perceptibility, By upping its visibility – incorporating logo, slogan, or other identifiable signs – to make the brand more recognizable, consumers can opt to purchase the brand being endorsed.

How to make the Point of purchase of displays for the wall displays? it is related to the products promotion, from the logo, slogan, how to merchandising the products,  position of the POP displays ? it needs expector for the sales promotion

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