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Custom POP signage displays

Signage display can be defined as a recognition device that expresses directional functions or information functions through text and graphics using installation methods such as standing, hanging, or sticking, with certain production standards and various textures, in different time and space environments. It is very suitable for Display price tags, promotions, product descriptions, directions, logos, and more in various settings.

POP signage displays for brand and functionality.

A brand is more than just a name and logo. A signage display has a pattern printed on a visible surface, with all elements coming together in a recognizable combination or layout to convey a message, feeling, or emotion. At its core, signage guides the visual effect. Font design that fits the scene or graphics combined with the texture features of the material can help the product present the desired atmosphere.

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Usually shoppers have associated relevant graphic designs with the brand and fixed these graphic elements in their memory. Once in the store, the text, color, fonts, shapes and symbols can evoke relevant memory structures in shoppers and attract them to buy the product, consciously or unconsciously.

Signage displays are not only seen everywhere in stores and supermarkets, but are also widely used in offices, schools, and restaurants. As an affordable form of advertising, people only need to spend the price of a stand to effectively spread their message, and this kind of sign stand is usually durable and has excellent cost performance.

Their designs can be eye-catching or understated and elegant, and they come in a variety of colors, shapes, and materials. Custom designs can be made according to the style and type you want, or you can pick out the right style from existing inventory.

The following are related POP signage display solid displays have done for the market

1: Suitable for high-end sign stands such as clothing stores and boutiques. The shape of this type of sign stand is simple and elegant. The material is usually mainly metal combined with transparent acrylic. Wood styles can also be made according to demand. The regular size is A4/A5/A6, but it can also be customized according to the poster size. The main feature lies in their surface treatment. The color is generally black and can be made into black sand texture, black matte and black gloss. The sign frame made of stainless steel can be made into brushed or mirror surface treatment, and the electroplating color can be customized, but most shoppers prefer the attractive gold or brass color. They are very simple and convenient to use, just insert the product information, price promotions, or latest event program posters you want to display into the shelf. You can also change your poster at any time so shoppers can stay updated on the latest information.

Anpassade POP-skyltdisplayer
Anpassade POP-skyltdisplayer

2: Conventional model POP sign displays

As the most common and popular traditional marketing, acrylic label holders are undoubtedly the best. They are a more versatile and stylish alternative to metal and wood, thanks to being durable and cheaper.

During shopping, in restaurants, or go to the bank, we will undoubtedly encounter brochures and leaflets displayed in various forms of acrylic sign holders. Because it has crystal-like transparency with a light transmittance of more than 92%, good texture and smooth touch feeling, it can be small and light, or it can be made to be calm and atmospheric, wear-resistant and fall-resistant, and not easy to break when dropped to the ground. Therefore, this kind of POP sign display is the first choice in the market.

Compared with the high-end metal label holder, the first advantage of the acrylic label holder is its low cost, because it is easy to produce, the production delivery time is short, and multiple boxes make its packaging cost low. If you decide to cooperate SOLID DISPLAYS in large quantities, we will . Therefore, when the store wants to update all acrylic label holders, the cost of this part will be cheaper than that of other materials.

The second benefit is that it is durable and easy to maintain. Because acrylic is a completely inert material, acrylic signs are waterproof, weatherproof, chemical-resistant, and impact-resistant.

Whether your outdoor signs are dirty and wet, or your indoor signs need frequent cleaning, acrylic signs can be easily wiped clean and dried, and can be disinfected repeatedly without damage.

The above two signage stands are mainly used to display poster information, menus, product catalogs and services, so that the store's marketing content can be effectively promoted and consumers can understand the latest trends. There are no restrictions on where they can be used. They can be used not only in shopping stores, hospitals, banks, schools, restaurants, etc., but also anywhere where information needs to be displayed.


The sign stands recommended below are simpler and more commonly used in shopping stores, because they only display the customer's LOGO, which serves as the finishing touch and promotes the brand.


This kind of logo block may only print the brand on. The common production methods are 1. Transparent acrylic block screen printing/back printing/three-dimensional production of LOGO 2. Metal box screen printing or taped metal sticker logo 3. Wood screen printing/engraved LOGO. It is usually placed in a conspicuous place, maybe at the checkout counter top, or next to the product.  It silently reminds passing shoppers where they are in the brand store, silently increasing the sense of presence, and allowing shoppers to unconsciously increase their interest in the brand. impression, thereby playing a role in brand marketing and communication.

The shape is simple but indispensable in store marketing. This is the regular function of sign racks and sign blocks. SOLID DISPLAYS not only provides regular stock products for you to choose from, but also accepts customized LOGO BLOCK based on drawings. At Solid Displays, we offer extensive manufacturing capabilities to meet your custom display needs. We employ state-of-the-art facilities, including a wood workshop, a metal workshop, and acrylic workshop, equipped with the latest technology and machinery. These will enable us to seamlessly turn your concepts and ideas into reality, ensuring the highest quality results

Anpassade POP-skyltdisplayer