Обувные POP-дисплеи

Classic Footwear POP Displays on the Floor Area Made of metal and mesalamine, MDF with wheels on the base for easy movement. Top banner with logo and slogan knock-down, packed, or assembled design.  

Classic Footwear POP Displays on the Floor Area

Made of metal and mesalamine, MDF

with wheels on the base for easy movement.

Верхний баннер с логотипом и слоганом

knock-down, packed, or assembled design.



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Design of an Innovative Footwear POP Displays for Brand Promotion

Introducing a traditional floor-standing shoe display rack made of wood-effect melamine board and a robust metal frame. The moveable base guarantees strength as well as mobility. This design not only allows for an extensive product display area, but it also functions as a canvas for promoting business culture, product use scenarios, and brand identification.

Strength and mobility:

The core materials—wood-effect melamine board and aluminum frame—were carefully selected to combine durability and aesthetic appeal. The use of wood warms up the brand's expression, making it more relevant to customers. The addition of a moveable base improves functionality by enabling the display to be easily relocated to maximize consumer interaction.

Visual Impact and Brand Promotion:

Including a huge, prominently positioned image provides a dual purpose: it showcases items while also expressing the company's ethos. This graphic assistance promotes the things on display while also reinforcing brand identification. The inclusion of a POP image with the logo on top increases brand exposure, guaranteeing a long-lasting impression on prospective consumers.

Sloping Display for Better Visibility:

The positioning of sloping shelves on both sides of the display offers a practical purpose. It allows consumers to readily see the whole impact of the shoes, allowing for a more immersive and informed purchase experience. This design option seeks to increase product exposure and successfully draw client attention.

Practicality and cost-effectiveness

The adoption of a wood and metal frame construction not only matches the brand's warm expression but also proves to be a cost-effective alternative for mass advertising. The design of the disassembling improves worldwide transit practicality, allowing for large-scale product marketing. The ease of installation contributes to the practicality, removing the need for purchasers to pay for extra installation costs.

Customization and OEM Services:

Solid-Displays stands out as a trusted alternative for organizations looking to upgrade current shoe display racks or find a new supplier. Not only does the firm give expert advice geared to unique brand needs, but it also provides OEM services. Solid Displays enables the production of a specific and unique hardware tool, the POP display, that corresponds flawlessly with the brand image using comprehensive information from customers.

Finally, the creative design of the shoe display rack stresses not only visual appeal and brand promotion but also functionality and cost-efficiency. The use of wood and metal materials, as well as strategic positioning and adjustable possibilities, makes it an excellent alternative for firms wishing to improve their product-showing tactics.

Функция POP displays for shoe displays
Характеристики Double-sided shoe display holders
Размеры настраиваемый
Цвет warm melamine and metal
Материалы metal and MDF
Пакет Сбитая плоская упаковка



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