Stojak do rowerowych wyświetlaczy POP

Customized pop display stand for bicycle. Two layers for merchandising it is extendable All in metal, druable and assambled.

Spersonalizowany stojak na rower.

Dwie warstwy dla merchandisingu

jest rozszerzalny

Całość wykonana z metalu, drukowalna i zmontowana.


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Szczegóły produktu

Opis produktów

This is one popular POP display stand for bike/bicycle. It with 2 layers to place more bike for with more organized and spacesave in the store.

All of the bike display stand is modular, it is easy to assemble together and it is extendable to suit for different size of bike store or shop in shop displays.

There with magnetic graphic, it show the point of sales or bland slogan. And it is changable easy by the retailers.

it is free standing, can display inthe center of the store or against to the wall.

Solid displays OEM for different types of bike POP display stand for the brand. We are skill in metal, wood or acrylic bike display construction and manufacturing.

Parametr produktu

Funkcja display for bicycle
Cechy Two layer and extendable
Wymiar konfigurowalny
Kolor Metal grey
Materiały metal
Pakiet Complete knock down for packaging



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