Perimeter winkelinrichtingen

One type of perimeter store fixture With slot on the backplate to insert shelf brackets Assemble various types of shelves and hooks to display different types of products All are made of metal, the standard product on the market.

Eén type winkelinrichting

Met sleuf op de achterplaat voor het plaatsen van plankbeugels

Verschillende soorten planken en haken in elkaar zetten om verschillende soorten producten weer te geven

Ze zijn allemaal gemaakt van metaal, het standaardproduct op de markt.


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Adding More Visual Appeal to Your Store with Modular Shelving and Lighting

The strategic positioning of wall displays and ancillary fittings is essential in today's dynamic retail environment. These fixtures have a practical purpose, but they also play a significant role in the store's marketing efforts. Their large footprint on the wall makes them ideal for showcasing artwork and encouraging interaction with the brand.

Importantly, one of the main characteristics of these displays is their ability to provide customers with customization options. The ability to tailor one's shopping experience is a major selling point for do-it-yourself retailing. The use of a variety of shelving units and coat hooks helps the design take on a more distinctive tone. Customers appreciate the additional freedom this customization feature gives them and how it improves the atmosphere of the store.

Strategic Branding:

The section up against the wall is perfect for brand graphics. Retailers may successfully express brand identity by deploying notes and banner logos with care. This improves brand familiarity and creates a more consistent in-store aesthetic. The wall displays increase consumer engagement by acting as an extension of the brand narrative.

Wall displays and perimeter store fixtures are very flexible, allowing you to showcase a broad variety of products. These fixtures provide a clean, attractive setting for displaying a wide variety of products, from apparel and footwear to headwear and sporting goods. Therefore, clients have an easier time navigating the site, and they are more likely to check out other sections.

Aesthetic Enhancement Not only do these displays have a functional purpose, but they also greatly contribute to the store's overall aesthetic quality. The perimeter fixtures become attention-grabbing displays when strategic product groupings are married to well-considered design components. The room is comfortable and visually attractive because of the astute use of color, texture, and lighting.

Wall displays and other ancillary fixtures should be strategically placed to encourage impulse buys. Eye-catching displays entice customers, who then examine products they might not have otherwise looked into. This part of the discovery process typically leads to impulsive purchases, which raise revenue and pleasure customers.

In conclusion, the value of perimeter fixtures and wall displays in retail design extends beyond their utilitarian purpose. Stores may utilize it as a consumer engagement tool and a means to increase sales and brand awareness. These fixtures are a great example of how to combine form and function in a retail setting by using strategic design, a variety of products, and a touch of personalization.

Product Parameter

Functie Verschillende soorten producten weergeven
Kenmerken standard back wall plate with types of shelves and hooks
Afmeting aanpasbaar
Kleur zwart
Materialen metaal
Pakket geassembleerde brievenbusverpakking



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