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Lee pop logo

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Delay open to 2020 Feb 09th

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Lee pop logo

Description of Lee pop logo

Item Name: pop logo


Over size: 510*381*90 mm

Materials: steel plate + foam pvc

Finishing: Powder coated, painting

General use: Logo brand what hanging front of the store or in the store, 

Solid displays offers various of pop logo. welcome custom it.

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Details of Lee pop logo

2 hanger what make of steel plate with bending hooks, Foam PVC painting

Gold logo + black background, it is the 2018 year logo color

it is used for: shop, store, retail about Lee jeans store

Whole products is glue together, hook knock down but easy to mount them on

Item name Lee pop logo
sku SD-AC260718
Oversize 510 x 381 x 90 mm
materials Metal: steel plate & foam pvc
Fishing cutting, bending, welding, powder coating and spray painting
General use Shop, store, retail of Lee jeans
Solid custom unique pop logo, we are the expert of display logo solution

Lee pop logo by solid

Lee logo by solid displays

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