Wall Display

Wall display frame, can free standing on the floor or fit on the wall. Made of steel tube. Extendable per the store size. Custom made different trys of dispaly accessories (hooks, shelf, bars etc) Completely knock down flat packaging.









1. Various Types of Wall Displays:

Wall displays come in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet the specific demands and budgets of each customer. The possibilities range from the traditional slatwall to the adaptable gridwall and the durable steel gondola shelving. Choosing the appropriate display may help to distinguish your shop, giving it a unique design that stands out in the competitive retail market.

2. Traditional vs. Contemporary Aesthetics:

Each style of wall display, whether traditional slatwall or modern steel gondola shelving, adds to the overall appearance of your shop. Traditional selections may radiate warmth, while contemporary ones are sleek and minimalist in look. The appropriate choice may help to strengthen your brand's image and improve the purchasing experience.

3. Freestanding or wall-mounted:

These wall displays are adaptable since they may be floor-standing or wall-hung. They may be blended into the store area by resting against the wall or mounting for a floating impression. This versatility enables smart positioning, maximizing available space, and producing visually attractive goods displays.

4. Merchandising Customization:

Because these displays are modular, they may be customized to match the merchandising demands of various items. Retailers may adapt the display to exhibit a variety of things by integrating perforated boards, display hooks, and bars. This flexibility is especially useful for seasonal promotions or changing product offers.

5. Retailers Can Do It Theirself Assembly:

Another benefit is that these displays are expandable and may be readily built by shops or displayers. This do-it-yourself strategy not only saves money on installation but also allows shops to change and reorganize displays in response to changing marketing ideas.

6. Brand Personalization:

Brand shops or merchants may choose custom-made hooks, shelves, and hanging bars for a completely distinctive display. Customizing these aspects to reflect the individual qualities of the items improves overall branding and supports a consistent visual identity.

7. Solid's Knowledge of POP Displays:

Solid brings a lot of experience to the table as a professional manufacturer specializing in point-of-purchase (POP) displays. Their dedication to excellent workmanship and inventive design ensures that the displays not only meet but surpass store standards, laying the groundwork for dynamic merchandising.

Finally, the adaptability, customization choices, and DIY installation capabilities of these wall displays make them a viable alternative for businesses looking to create a visually attractive and flexible shop atmosphere. Solid's expertise in producing point-of-purchase displays adds to the dependability and efficacy of these solutions in improving the whole retail experience.


機能 Wall display of store fixtures
特徴 Wall frame
寸法 カスタマイズ
カラー matt black or customized
材料 メタル
パッケージ knock down flat packed.