Espositori per accessori moda

It is one Fashion Accessories Displays on the countertop Made of metal, with some holes on the wire for hanging the small accessories 4 horizontal display bars for the display various of jewelry Silkscreen-printed brand logo on the base

Si tratta di un espositore di accessori di moda sul piano di lavoro.

In metallo, con alcuni fori sul filo per appendere i piccoli accessori.

4 barre di visualizzazione orizzontali per la visualizzazione dei vari gioielli

Logo del marchio serigrafato sulla base


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Dettaglio prodotto

Stand for Displaying Jewelry on Countertops, Customized Fashion Accessories Displays

This one-of-a-kind countertop display stands for jewelry and is completely made out of metal. It comes powder-coated in a variety of hues that are considered to be quite stylish. This design makes use of four horizontal wires, each of which is furnished with a number of holes that have been positioned in such a way as to highlight a variety of fashion accessories and jewelry. Not only does the display become more stable as a result of the hefty bottom, but it also becomes more stable while it is standing. In addition, a logo that is printed using silkscreen acts as a distinguishing identifier, making it possible for the company to stand out in a very competitive market. A gentle-touch bottom tape that is part of the unit's base protects table or countertop surfaces. When putting together the smaller components, precision welding is used, which guarantees their long-term viability and creates a smooth appearance.

Construction and the Use of Materials
Powder-coated metal and rugged construction are included.

The display stand's overall visual appeal is improved thanks to the use of metal and the powder coating that is applied to the metal, which not only increases its longevity but also makes it possible to apply any number of trendy colors. The four horizontal wires, each of which has holes thoughtfully put in it, provide the versatility that is required for displaying a variety of jewelry and fashion accessories. The countertop display has a thick bottom, which is an important component that contributes to stability and ensures that it stays in place firmly. Welding the smaller components together meticulously strengthens the overall structure, ensuring that it will last for a long time and have a polished finish.

Recognition of the Brand
Silkscreen Printing of the Company Logo for Exceptional Branding

The incorporation of a brand that has been silkscreened onto this individualized display stand is one of the stand's most prominent features. This component of the brand acts as an effective instrument for differentiating the product and the brand within a highly competitive market. When the logo is placed in such a way that it is strategically positioned on the display, it becomes a visual identifier, which contributes to customer identification and recall of the brand.

A Design That Is Friendly to Users
Protection for the Countertop and the Base with a Soft Touch

The base of the display stand is outfitted with a complete soft-touch bottom tape, taking into account the practical considerations associated with the operation of the stand. The user experience is improved as a result of this design decision, while tables and counters are shielded from potential damage as a side benefit. The display gains a level of complexity thanks to the addition of soft-touch technology, which not only makes it more aesthetically pleasing but also makes it easier to operate.

This bespoke jewelry countertop display stand has an attractive appearance, long-lasting construction, high levels of brand exposure, and a user-friendly design. This display stand is unique in that it is constructed out of metal that has been powder coated, has wires that have been strategically placed, has a brand that has been silkscreened onto it, and has a protective base made of soft-touch material. It is an excellent tool for displaying fashion accessories and jewelry.

Parametri del prodotto

Funzione To display different types of jewelry or fashion accessories
Caratteristiche 4 horizontal bars with many holes
Dimensione personalizzabile
Colore Personalizzato
I materiali tutto in metallo
Pacchetto full-welded packaging



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