Espositore per occhiali

It is one elegant Eyewear Display Stand that holds glasses Made of metal, with one side mirror Cover base for an elegant display Complete knockdown for flat packaging, easy for assembling at site. Solid specialist in custom-made POP displays; this is one case we did before for the garment brand

Si tratta di un elegante espositore per occhiali che contiene gli occhiali

In metallo, con uno specchio laterale

Base di copertura per un'esposizione elegante

Completamente smontato per un imballaggio piatto, facile da assemblare in loco.

Solido specialista in espositori POP su misura; questo è un caso che abbiamo realizzato in precedenza per un marchio di abbigliamento.


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Dettaglio prodotto

The Eyewear Display Stand of Solid-Displays:

We at Solid Displays are proud to showcase this stunning floor display stand for eyeglasses that is reserved only for luxury companies. In addition to showcasing refinement, this exquisite floor display stand guarantees a flawless shopping experience.

Revealing the Design:

This display stand is well crafted and has six shelves that are placed to exhibit six pieces of glassware in an elegant manner. The well-planned arrangement enables clients to examine and value every eyeglass item separately.

Reflecting Elegance:

A large, extended mirror on one side of the stand is the center of attention. It transforms from a reflecting surface into a personal fitting room that invites clients to put on glasses and experience the transformation for themselves.

Clever Assembly:

Our Eyewear Display Stand is cleverly made to be fully disassembled and flat-packed for ease of transit, guaranteeing a safe and secure delivery. But do not be alarmed by the assembly procedure; it is quite easy. Six slack shelves and a single frame join together with ease, and the mirror has a bracket for simple installation.

Stability Redefined:

The Eyewear Display Stand has a strong base to provide stability on any kind of floor. Even in busy retail settings, the display will remain stable and tall because of its strong base. The base's well-designed coverings hide all of the delicate features, making it both visually beautiful and useful.

A Look Inside Solid's Portfolio:

The spectacle display mentioned above is just a small sample of the wide array of products Solid Displays has to offer. Beyond this specific design, we have a variety of custom eyeglass display stands that are made to fit the specific requirements of numerous brands and goods.

Discover More with "Custom Made POP Eyewear Displays":

We encourage you to go further into our wide range of eyeglass display options by reviewing the application "Custom Made POP Eyewear Displays." You'll find a plethora of options here to improve the way your brand is presented and draw in consumers.

To sum up, Solid Displays offers eyeglass display solutions that combine style, utility, and innovation, giving companies a stage on which to present their luxury goods with uniqueness and style.

Parametri del prodotto 

Funzione Espositore da terra per occhiali
Caratteristiche Di alta gamma con specchio
Dimensione Personalizzato
Colore grigio scuro
I materiali Metallo e specchio
Pacchetto knock down flat-packed



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