Espositore per abbigliamento

It is a classic clothing display stand for the brand Made of stainless steel with a warm wooden base with slot channel on top for POP displays base with with adjustable feet Solid specialist in custom-made POP displays; this is one case we done before for the clothing brand

Si tratta di un espositore di abbigliamento classico per il marchio

Realizzato in acciaio inossidabile con una calda base in legno

con canale di scanalatura sulla parte superiore per espositori POP

base con piedini regolabili

Solido specialista in espositori POP su misura; questo è un caso che abbiamo già realizzato per un marchio di abbigliamento.


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Dettaglio prodotto

Traditional Style Clothing Display Stand

This typical floor display stands for clothes and combines contemporary utility with classic style. The top frame, made of mirror stainless steel, has a classic look and emanates a chilly, upscale appeal. The selection of materials conveys durability in addition to refinement.

Harmony of Materials: Wood and Stainless Steel

The display stand's base, which deftly blends wood and stainless steel edges, adds a hint of warmth. This intentional fusion accomplishes two goals at once, strengthening the overall visual appeal and building a rapport with customers. The visual intrigue that the contrast between the warm wood and the chilly stainless steel creates draws in potential buyers.

Branding Strategy

The subtle branding present in the base elevates the display above its purely functional use. The logo conveys the brand image to customers discreetly without drawing attention away from the presentation as a whole. The display's purity is maintained while the brand is discreetly ingrained in the consumer's perspective, thanks to this clever placement.

Sturdy Combination of Power and Style

Two rows of hanging rods in the design combine durability and functionality. By carefully arranging the display area, a greater variety of tops and bottoms may be shown without seeming unduly crowded. Combining wood and stainless steel guarantees structural integrity and adds visual appeal while also ensuring endurance and toughness.

professionalism in manufacturing and design

Solid-Display is a producer that distinguishes itself by expertly fusing metal-wood workmanship with design. Beyond only being aesthetically pleasing, the business takes great satisfaction in offering knowledgeable and helpful services for display rack items. This dedication guarantees customers not just eye-catching displays but also the best possible items in terms of quality and performance.

In conclusion, the mix of wood and mirror stainless steel in this floor display stand for clothes produces a timeless but stylish display that is both strong and long-lasting. Businesses looking for display solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally excellent may trust Solid-Display because of its strategic integration of brand messages and focus on professionalism in design and manufacture.

Parametri del prodotto 

Funzione Espositore per abbigliamento
Caratteristiche Specchio a destra con base in legno caldo
Dimensione Standard products can be customized.
Colore Specchio
I materiali Stainless tube and wooden MDF
Pacchetto knock down flat-packed



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