Espositori POP personalizzati per alimenti

Food display stand – non-direct contact food display stand

How do customized POP displays stand for food?

Customized food Display POP need to adapt to the specific characteristics of the packaging being displayed, through eye-catching design such as color, materials, craftsmanship, structural functions, etc., and if the shopper can interact with the display stand and share the goods with the brand value would be perfect. Rather than standard systems, Customized POP displays can develop custom shelving to create displays exclusive to their products, providing shoppers with more dynamic displays and a memorable visual experience.

vassoio POP personalizzato per alimenti

In terms of color, food display racks need to choose whether the final effect is to create a unified style for the entire store or to highlight the currently displayed products outstanding in the market, so the appearance design of the display rack starts with color selection. We need to pay attention to three aspects of color: hue, brightness, and purity. Hue refers to the appearance and name of a color. When design a display stand, it is best to use the Pantone color card as a reference to achieve the most correct color. The brightness of a color actually refers to a change in overall lightness and darkness, while purity is also called saturation. The higher the purity, the brighter the color will naturally be. The purity and brightness of a color usually affect each other. When you need consumers' eyes to detect it at the first time, it is recommended to use colors with high brightness and purity. However, this may also cover up the brightness of the product, and the brightness of the color needs to be controlled according to the product.

In terms of materials, different materials have different properties. For example, acrylic material is as transparent and translucent as glass, which can help highlight the characteristics of the product. At the same time, it has the advantages of being light in weight, easy to color, and easy to form, making it more conducive to mass production. The high plasticity of acrylic allows it to be made into more diverse shapes, making the overall appearance more beautiful, and provides a broad space for personalized design of products.

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Custom POP displays

In terms of finishing, having good technology can help the POP displays meet the load-bearing requirements, be easy to disassemble and assemble, and ensure the safety of the display rack in the retail environment. While achieving the design effect, the most economical production process is selected to reduce the investment in mold fees and help the sales achieve maximum marketing effects with economical investment.

In terms of structure and function, merchants can customize the structure of the POP displays according to their own product policies. For example, based on the principle of making it easier for customers to find, a category of products can be classified and displayed together, for example, vertically displayed according to different specifications of the same brand, vertically displayed according to the same specifications of different brands, and price tags should be placed at the same time, so that customers can easily search for the products they want. Meet your own shopping needs within a small range of movement

Per above information, you can see easy to see that it needs one specialist for the espositori POP personalizzati for food. from the color design and construction, and raw materials choice, finishing, and the function, it is lots of work to make sure the sucessfully custom POP displays.Solid displays focus on custom POP displays for food more than 15 years now, we sure our experience can support the brand from concept to reality. 

When you consider to make the sales promotion, updated your brand, new products for the market etc, looking for solid displays to make the customized POP displays. We are team for you.

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