Présentoirs pour sacs à main

Présentoir pour sacs à main, présentoir pour sacs à main Black titanium plating, brushed, can be customized. it is used in retail, offices, homes, etc height is adjustable to suit different types of purses and handbag displays.

Présentoir pour sacs à main, présentoir pour sacs à main

Placage titane noir, brossé, personnalisable.

il est utilisé dans le commerce de détail, les bureaux, les maisons, etc.

La hauteur est réglable pour s'adapter à différents types de sacs à main et de présentoirs de sacs à main.

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Détail du produit

Purse display solutions made specifically by Solid Displays

Solid Displays is an industry leader in the production of custom purse displays, which are developed with great care to fulfill the specific needs of each individual client. Our handbag display stands are made from high-quality metal, and they can be customized in a wide variety of forms and colors to effortlessly coincide with the aesthetics of a variety of different brands. The most popular choices on the market are gold, silver, black, or white, and each of these colors may have logos professionally carved on the base to make the stand even more unique.

Craftsmanship of the Highest Order in Stainless Steel

The product that is depicted in the photograph has a structure made of stainless steel, and it has an overall appearance that is brushed and electroplated black titanium for a stunning metal texture. The design of the knock-down component reduces the amount of packing needed, which in turn simplifies shipping and ensures an easy assembly procedure for retail services. Because it is constructed out of stainless steel, this display is not only long-lasting but also makes a significant contribution to any kind of shop environment.

Uncomplicated Construction With the Highest Possible Impac

Solid Displays is aware of the significance of having convenient access to its products. Our handbag display stands have a design that allows them to be taken down and easily reassembled by the store's employees. Our displays are not only aesthetically pleasing but also useful, and as a result, we can guarantee that the shopping experience will be smooth and uncomplicated for both the shops and their consumers.

Height Adjustment that is Versatile for a Variety of Handbag Styles

Our handbag display stands have an exquisite design that allows for height adjustment, which allows them to accommodate a variety of handbag types with a range of strap lengths. Due of their versatility, they are perfect for displaying a wide variety of different types of handbags. The soft-touch base guarantees stability without inflicting any harm, highlighting our dedication to combining design and function in everything that we do. It is as at home on tabletops as it is on shelves.

Solid Displays: Your Partner in Creating Exceptional Custom Products

Solid Displays is a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of individualized display solutions. Because of our persistent dedication to maintaining high-quality standards, the vast choice of handbag display stands that we provide has earned us acclaim and recognition from clients who are completely delighted with their purchases. Get in touch with us as soon as possible to get started on the process of designing your individualized handbag display stand.

Fonction Counter-top display stand for purses handbags
Caractéristiques height adjustable
Dimension personnalisable
Couleur customized color
Matériaux SS
Paquet Knockdown packed per PC in carton



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