Présentoir à vêtements

This is a cycle Clothes Display Rack Made of  metal and stainless steel for economic and surface protection It is a complete knockdown for a small package and safe transport. Solid specialist in custom-made POP displays, this is one case we did before for the clothing brand

Il s'agit d'un présentoir à vêtements de cycle

Fabriqué en métal et en acier inoxydable pour une protection économique et de surface

Il s'agit d'un coup de poing complet pour un petit emballage et un transport sûr.

Solide spécialiste des PLV sur mesure, voici un cas que nous avons déjà réalisé pour la marque de vêtements

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Détail du produit

This traditional cycle clothing floor display rack is thoughtfully crafted with both form and function in mind. The top-tier bicycle frame is made of mirror-polished stainless steel, making it scratch- and rust-proof. This not only makes the rack seem better but also helps it last longer.

Stability and efficiency in the use of space, structural features

The rack's overall stability relies heavily on the support upright. The support upright's strategic placement, which strengthens the entire structure, ensures the rack's longevity and stability. Concurrently, this architectural decision optimizes the use of space, which facilitates effective garment retailing.

Premium Materials for Enduring Quality

Mirror stainless steel was used for the top cycle frame because of its durability and aesthetic value. This material choice guarantees that the rack stays free from corrosion, giving it a stable and permanent option for displaying garments.

Recycled base frame, which is good for the environment

The display rack's sustainable design starts with its foundation, which is made from recycled materials. This is consistent with environmental aims and provides a vintage flair to the Point of Purchase (POP) display. The salvaged wood base and sleek stainless steel frames marry timelessness with contemporary concern for the environment.

Convenient Setup and Effective Floor Plan

The display rack may be quickly and easily put up in any area thanks to its simple design. The combination of two-cycle frames and three upright supports assures a balanced and visually beautiful construction. This well-considered layout not only facilitates construction but also makes efficient use of the available area, making it suitable for displaying apparel.

Professional Display Solutions from Solid-Display

Solid-Display is an outstanding business associate because of the way it combines aesthetics and craftsmanship in metal and wood. Professional and straightforward services for display rack goods are the company's specialty. Clients may anticipate a complete and specialized solution to their display requirements, delivering a smooth and visually attractive presentation of products. If you need a display rack, please feel free to contact Solite Display.

Paramètres du produit 

Fonction Cycle POP display for clothes
Caractéristiques 2-cycle frame with 3 uprights
Dimension Standard products can be customized and made
Couleur Mirror and black or customized color
Matériaux Stainless tube and metal
Paquet à démonter à plat

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