Herramientas Expositor POP

POP display stand for tools Header is illuminated Logo, perforated board, height adjustable shelf. Heavy duty for tools, all made of strong metal, wooden shelves top. Red and black color

Expositor POP para herramientas

Cabecera iluminada Logotipo, tablero perforado, estante regulable en altura.

Resistente para herramientas, todo de metal resistente, estantes de madera en la parte superior.

Color rojo y negro


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Detalle del producto

Descripción de los productos

This is POP display stand for the tools merchandising. All of the POP displays was made of strong metal for the heavy duty. The prouduct was knock down type, it is diassembled into 4 parts, one base, 2 display perforated back plates and 1 illuminated header. The POP display will assemble some strong shelves, they can slot into the 2 edge strong tube and height adjustable, and hanging hooks or pockets can be fit on the perforated plate easily.

The display stand is put on red and black color, it displays the powder with beauty, the tools can be boost displayed on the shelves or hooks by the rack.

Parámetros del producto

Función display stand for tools
Características stratification/with logo
Dimensión personalizable
Color black/red
Materiales metal
Paquete embalaje de buzones ensamblados



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