Display-Ständer für Tragetaschen

This is a tote bag display stand 3 ways to display different types of tote bag Use in a store, retail store, or shopping mall Knock-down type for small packages and safely transport. stone-effective wooden base, metal upright and hanging bars

Dies ist ein Ständer für Tragetaschen

3 Möglichkeiten zur Darstellung verschiedener Arten von Tragetaschen

Verwendung in einem Geschäft, Einzelhandelsgeschäft oder Einkaufszentrum

Einklappbare Ausführung für kleine Pakete und sicheren Transport.

steinwirkender Holzsockel, Metallständer und Aufhängestangen


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Produkt Detail

Recognizing the Importance of Tote Bags in the Retail Industry

Because of their versatility and ease of use, tote bags have emerged as a popular and necessary option for carrying purchases. Retail establishments are aware of its importance, and as a result, they provide customers with specialized tote bag stands to better accommodate their shopping requirements. As a direct result of this, tote bag displays have developed into an essential component of retail establishments.

What Should We Expect From Our Tote Bag Display Stand?

The process of shopping for tote bags is transformed into a one-of-a-kind adventure thanks to the use of these display stands, which play an essential part in marketing the many types of tote bags. The significance of these booths extends much beyond their basic appearance; in and of themselves, they are commodities that contribute to marketing and advertising efforts.

An Examination in Great Detail of the Traditional Display Stand for Tote Bags

This device, which is a traditional display stand for tote bags, is notable for both its style and its practicality. The display stand is built on a rock-solid basis provided by the thick and sturdy base, which provides stability even in public settings. Along with this, there are straightforward and sturdy metal uprights that are linked with bag hanging bars that can be adjusted. This dynamic mix makes it possible to effectively merchandise a variety of tote bag varieties, which in turn makes the decision-making process for the buyer easier.

Display Flexibility Granted by Utilization of Three-Directional Hanging Rods

The hanging rods, which may be hung in any one of three directions, are a remarkable element that adds flexibility to the display of items. Because of this display stand's adaptability, it is able to hold a wide variety of items without causing any disturbance, which increases its overall usefulness and attractiveness to a variety of different sorts of consumers.

Components and Packaging Designed with Convenience in Mind

In terms of its component parts, the product may be broken down as follows: it has a base, an upright, bag hanging bars, and a logo or POP on the very top. The intelligent use of packaging that can be disassembled has a twofold purpose: it reduces the overall amount of product packaging and makes it easier to move the goods to other retailers. In addition, the straightforward form of the assembly assures that the setup will be quick and easy.

The Dedication of Solid Displays to Providing Customers with a Wide Range of Options

Solid Displays is proud to provide a wide selection of tote bag display stands that are suited for a variety of brands and retail locations. The experienced staff at Solid Displays goes above and beyond normal options, giving customers the choice to purchase special point-of-purchase (POP) displays for tote bags that are customized to meet the specifications of a particular brand. The personalization of the displays, as well as the encouragement of one-of-a-kind ideas and perspectives, is a primary focus here.

In conclusion, the story illustrates how tote bags have progressed from being just convenient shopping accessories to becoming indispensable items. Solid Displays stands out as a service that is devoted to both variety and customization. Tote bag displays stand to play a vital part in this journey, and Solid Displays is a company that stands out.

Funktion display stand for the tote bag
Eigenschaften 3 ways to hang a display
Dimension 560*560*1600mm
Farbe stone base and black metal upright
Materialien wood and metal
Paket flach verpackt niederschlagen



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