It is a classic Basketball Display Stand All are made of metal, have simple construction, and have double sides with slot channel on top for POP displays base with adjustable feet Complete knockdown for flat packaging, easy for assembling at site. You can add the POP logo on the top or a price tag on the bar. Solid specialist in custom-made POP displays; this is one case we done before for the garment brand

Es ist ein klassischer Basketball-Display-Ständer

Alle sind aus Metall, haben eine einfache Konstruktion und sind doppelseitig.

mit Schlitzkanal auf der Oberseite für POP-Displays

Sockel mit Stellfüßen

Vollständig zerlegbar für flache Verpackung, leicht zu montieren vor Ort.

Sie können das POP-Logo auf der Oberseite oder ein Preisschild auf der Stange anbringen.

Solider Spezialist für maßgeschneiderte POP-Displays; dies ist ein Fall, den wir zuvor für die Bekleidungsmarke


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Produkt Detail

Sporting Elegance Without Effort: Presenting the Double POP Basketball Display Stand

The need for creative and striking displays will only grow as the sports goods industry develops. Introducing our elegant, but timeless, double POP display designed for basketball fans. This display skillfully blends aesthetic appeal, simplicity, and utility.

Robust Basis for Athletic Triumph: The Metal Frame Base

This exhibit is centered on a sturdy metal frame base. Four movable feet add to its stability and guarantee that every display is level and tall. The design is simple to construct and doesn't need any tools, which makes it convenient for both suppliers and customers.

Creative Design: Body Frame Ready for Balls

The body frame is cleverly divided in two for easy shipping, and it makes a perfect platform for displaying a range of sports balls. This display, which has loose brackets positioned strategically on both sides, can hold up to 12 balls—basketballs, footballs, volleyballs, or any other sporting goods.

Adaptability Reimagined: Personalized Top Slot

Take advantage of your imagination by customizing the top slot. Customers may quickly flip between several point-of-purchase (POP) materials and show the logos they want. This adaptability guarantees that the display blends in perfectly with the design of any brand.

Expertly Crafted: The Substantial Distinction

Our twin POP display is an example of fine workmanship, not simply a commodity. Every piece demonstrates the top provider and manufacturer of custom POP displays' commitment to quality. For more information on your unique POP display requirements, please contact us.

Showcase the spirit of sports love with a display that goes beyond the basics to enhance your item presentation. Create a lasting impression in the shop space with the Double POP Display for Basketball, which flawlessly blends design and function.


Funktion Display rack for basketball, football, or volleyball
Eigenschaften Double-sided display 12 pcs
Dimension Standalone products can be customized.
Farbe schwarz
Materialien Rohre aus Metall
Paket flach verpackt niederschlagen



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