Rotating Display Stand

It is a Rotating Display Stand Top with the header logo Can display candy packages or brochures base with wheels for easy moving

It is a Rotating Display Stand

Top with the header logo

Can display candy packages or brochures

base with wheels for easy moving


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Product Detail

Solid's Ingenious Rotating Metal Display Stand: The Ideal Combination of Functionality and Convenience

Solid, a recognized POP display manufacturer, proudly introduces an outstanding spinning metal display stand meant to boost your product exhibiting experience. This cutting-edge display stand is not only made of high-quality metal, but it also has user-friendly features that set it apart from the competition.

I. Superior Construction: A Sturdy Metal Wonder

The revolving display stand from Solid is made of solid all-metal construction, assuring durability and endurance. The production process's painstaking attention to detail ensures a dependable and long-lasting product. This stand is more than simply a showpiece; it demonstrates Solid's dedication to excellence.

II. Intelligent Mobility: Efficient Movement for Maximum Impact

This display stand's base has wheels, allowing for simple transportation. Solid's design gives you the versatility you want, whether you need to rearrange your display for the best visibility or quickly transfer it from one spot to another. The inclusion of wheels strategically improves functionality, making it a distinctive option for dynamic retail contexts.

III. Breakthrough Rotating Mechanism: Dynamic Presentation at Your Fingertips

Metal wire pockets on the stand's top are rotatable by hand. This clever design provides a 360-degree view of your items, enticing shoppers from every aspect. The ability to physically spin the display provides a tactile and interactive aspect that engages clients and encourages them to investigate your goods.

IV. Convenient Assembly and Disassembly: Shipped easily, Assembled confidently

Solid recognizes the need for safe and efficient transportation. The revolving display stand is cleverly engineered to be totally disassembled into four sections. This not only assures secure packing but also makes assembly at the destination easier. The stand is simple to assemble, enabling you to swiftly and effectively set up your show.

V. Graphics Customizable: Match Your Display to Your Brand

The stand's header has a POP holder with a U channel for fast graphics or branding changes. This customization function keeps your display current and in line with your branding strategy. Solid's dedication to flexibility guarantees that your marketing message stays current and in line with your changing company objectives.

Solid's revolving metal display stand is an example of POP display innovation and functionality. This stand is a flexible option for companies wishing to create a lasting impact in the retail environment, combining durable construction, clever mobility, a unique rotating mechanism, and customizable graphics. Solid's experience in creating eye-catching displays can help you elevate your product presentation.

Product Parameter

Function Candy box or brochure display
Features base with wheels, the body is rotatable
Dimension customizable
Color red
Materials metal
Package Knockdown flat-packed.



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