Metal Displays

Metal is the first choice materials in POP displays

Customized POP display stands can be made from wood, acrylic, and many other materials, but metal is preferred, and if you go to a branded store or supermarket, you will find that most of the displays are made from metal. This is because metal is moldable, durable, strong, practical, and environmentally friendly! Therefore, metal displays are your best choice, especially in heavy-duty industrial retail.

metal display stand

Wide variety of metal display racks

At SOLID, we have rich experience in manufacturing display racks and can provide poster stands, wall-mounted sign holders, risers, tabletop easels, poster frames, and floor-standing sign holders.. even more categories of display racks.

Stylish and safe display

Retail metal display stands offer a stylish and secure way to display posters, promotional items and signage.
Ideal for galleries, commercial, business, retail, stores and offices.

Metal display stands are malleable

Customers can choose from sleek black metal display racks or chrome finish metal display racks for added elegance.

Adaptable to various sizes/shapes for customization

Display racks and shelves come in a variety of sizes, styles and shapes

Versatile of metal display stand

These display racks are suitable for displaying important notices, maps, advertisements, policies, promotions and more.
Options include tabletop easels, countertop displays, wire racks, glass enclosed frames and shelf options.

Custom Metal Display Stands

SOLID POPdisplays offers custom options to suit specific needs.
we can create customized metal display stands for office, retail, or residential requirements.

Popular Metal Finishes:
Chrome and black are popular metal finishes for these display stands.

Manufacturer and Supplier:
SOLID POPdisplays is both a manufacturer and supplier of metal display stands.

Metal display stands are available in a wide range of metal materials

Metal display racks is an umbrella term, metal includes many different kinds of metals used in custom metal pop display racks: steel, iron, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper, etc. ...... All metal displays are strong, durable, malleable, economical and environmentally friendly and recyclable. Different types of metal are available in different finishes and can be customized in a variety of colors to match the visual needs of a wide range of brands.

Different surface finishing

In the manufacturing process of metal display racks, the surface finishing according to the use of the scene and brand demand has a different surface finishing process, there are different colors of powder coating, can be electroplated, galvanized, chrome-plated, hot-dipped and other surface finishing.

Surface finishing of stainless steel

Brushed, polished mirror or electroplated stainless steel, can be plated with gold, copper, etc. ...... Suitable for luxury brands, the cost will be more expensive than using steel or iron.

Surface finishing of aluminum

Aluminum alloy is suitable for casting into different shapes, then can be polished and plated into different colors, lightweight and durable. It is becoming more and more popular in customized POP displays.

Metal Displays

Metal display stands manufacturing

Because there are many types of metal used in metal displays, and there are differences in the production process for each type of metal, we use steel as the standard, it is the most popular raw material in metal displays, and also has the most mature process. Starting from the order confirmation, the Solid displays team needs to create the technical drawing files for production and make pre-production samples for testing. Once everything is confirmed, the mass production stage begins.

Every step of the process, from raw material procurement to production, packaging and QC inspection, will be carried out by skilled operators and high quality equipment. We pay attention to every processing step to ensure the quality of the final product. We believe that the quality of the product is accomplished by each process, not just the final inspection.

Metal Displays

Applications of Metal Display stand

jewelry display stands

jewelry display stands

Jewelry display stands are specialized fixtures designed to showcase and present jewelry items. These stands come in various sizes, shapes, and materials, providing an elegant and organized way to exhibit necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and other jewelry pieces in retail stores, exhibitions, or personal collections.

clothing display rack

clothing display rack

clothing display rack is a stand or fixture used to exhibit clothing in retail stores or fashion boutiques, making it easier for customers to browse and select garments. These racks come in various designs and materials, enhancing the visual appeal and practicality of clothing presentation.

glasses display

glasses display

glasses display is a system for showing eyeglasses and sunglasses in stores, making it easy for customers to see and try them on. These displays come in different styles and help present eyewear attractively.

Footwear POP Displays

shoe display

shoe display is a presentation or storage system designed for showcasing shoes in retail stores. It includes various fixtures and stands that make it convenient for customers to view and select footwear. Shoe displays come in different styles, such as shelving units, racks, or wall-mounted systems, enhancing the visual appeal of shoes and making it easier for customers to browse and make their selections.

Metal POP displays

Metal shelves

Hot transfer

Metal counter top

Meterric plated

Metal FSDU

Creative & creation

Capability of metal Fabricating in Solid

Capability of metal fabricating in Solid

Why the metal is the first choice in the custom pop displays, here will guide you solid displays capability and the facilities can do for the metal.

Turnover: 10-15 million USD

Workshop area: 10000 Square meters

Staff: 60

Facilities in the metal workshop

Machine name Quantities Operator
Laser cutting table 2 2
Laser pipe cutting 1 1
Digital pipe saw 1 1
Robot Tig welding 3 2
Robot laser welding 2 1
Robot Mig welding 2 1
Normal welding machine 8 4
Digital bending 2 2
Punching machine 5 3
Sport welding table 3 2
Power coating line 1 18
Assembling & packaging 8 8


Custom POP  displays is key to increased product perceptibility.So why to choice  matel as your custom made POP displays? and how to choice the supplier?

Mature production and manufacturing processes enable the structure, shape, appearance, then can be put on different colors by different finishing, leads the most popular used in the point of purchase/POS displays

1: Consider the brand? what is you want to performance in the metal POP displays? it needs to consider the shape, the color etc...

2: The bearing, choice what kind of thickness metal that suit for ?

3: Compare others' raw metails but finial choice metal.

Solid displays know how to make the Point of purchase of displays. it is related to the products promotion, from the logo, slogan, how to merchandising the products,  position of the POP displays ? it needs expector for the sales promotion

Protecting our environment is the foundation for sustaining our planet, community and economy. Eco-manufacturing is the creation of manufactured products through economically-sound processes that minimize negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources. Solid Displays strives towards long-term success by implementing eco-friendly manufacturing processes 

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