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Floor POP Display Stand: Enhancing In-Store Visibility

A Floor POP display stand, also known as a Floor Stand Display Unit (FSDU), serves as a dedicated unit to showcase products within a store. Given its strategic location as the prime area of a store, designing an effective floor-standing display stand requires careful consideration to enhance the display experience, boost product awareness, and drive sales promotions.

Key Elements of a Floor Stand Display Unit (FSDU):

  1. Top Section - Branding and Messaging:

    • The top section typically features the brand logo and slogan, serving as a graphic focal point for point-of-sale interactions.
  2. Top Shelves - A Window to Products:

    • Positioned like a window, the top shelves provide shoppers with an overview of the products available for sale.
  3. Sides and Back Plates - Visual Appeal and Promotion:

    • The sides and back plates are utilized for displaying pictures that highlight selling points and promote advertising campaigns.
  4. Shelves - Organized Product Display:

    • The shelves are strategically arranged to showcase products in an organized manner, facilitating easy selection for shoppers.
  5. Base Section - Storage and Accessibility:

    • The base can be designed as a storage cabinet, allowing convenient storage of goods for efficient sales management.
  6. Bottom - Mobility with Wheels:

    • The bottom section often incorporates wheels, providing easy mobility for repositioning the display within the store.

Material Choices for Floor Display Stands:

  • Floor display stands can be crafted from various materials such as metal, wood, acrylic, or a combination of materials. The material choice is tailored to suit the specific requirements of the products being showcased.

Professional Customization with Solid Displays:

  • For a comprehensive and tailored approach to brand and product sales promotion, seeking the services of a professional provider like Solid Displays is recommended. Their expertise ensures the creation of bespoke Floor POP display stands that align with your brand's vision and objectives.

Advantages of floor display in all aspects

1. Floor Stand: Maximizing Floor Visibility

  • Definition: Floor stands are purpose-built units designed to prominently display merchandise on the sales floor, capitalizing on high foot traffic areas.

2. Gondola and Endcap: Strategic Feature Areas

  • Gondola Ends:
    • Valuable feature areas known as endcaps.
  • Endcaps:
    • Positioned facing main aisles, ideal for product trials, tastings, or testing.
    • Key spaces to highlight and promote specific products.

3. Platforms and Elevations: Creating Visual Interest

  • Function:
    • Small buildups used to add visual interest.
    • Aid in separating merchandise within mass displays.

4. Display Shelving Unit: Versatile Multi-Shelf Fixture

  • Description:
    • An open, multi-shelf display fixture.
  • Common Uses:
    • Often utilized for showcasing china, glass, home furnishings accessories, and small gifts.

5. Display Case/Shadowbox: Showcasing Objects with Elegance

  • Definition:
    • A cabinet with real glass surfaces, used for displaying objects in various settings.
  • Common Settings:
    • Exhibitions, museums, retail stores, restaurants, or homes.

6. Floor Display Units and Customization: Elevating Shopping Experience

  • Adaptability:
    • As a floor display unit, it can be customized to create various display racks tailored to the shape of the products.
  • Final Effect:
    • Achieves orderly classification and aesthetically pleasing displays.
    • Enhances the brand's image and improves the shopping experience in stores.
  • Professional Supplier:
    • Choosing a professional display stand supplier is crucial.
    • Solid is recommended for their expertise in creating customized solutions based on product characteristics.
Display Shelf for Shoes
Floor Displays

Floor POP Display Stand

Importance of Floor Stand Display Units in the POP World: A Detailed Exploration

Materials in Permanent POP Displays:

  • Permanent POP displays, crucial for product visibility, are typically constructed from a combination of materials like metal, wood, and acrylic. Material selection depends on the specific product type for optimal visual impact.

Classic FSDU Elements and Design Considerations:

  1. Banner Top Logo:

    • Designing the banner top logo involves strategic placement of brand elements and slogans.
    • Importance lies in creating a visually striking and memorable representation of the brand.
  2. Top Windows for Better Show:

    • Incorporating top windows in the design enhances the visual appeal.
    • Ensures shoppers can easily view and engage with displayed products.
  3. Flexible Shelf Usage:

    • Shelves are key for product display. Design them to be adjustable and versatile.
    • Allows for dynamic presentation, accommodating different product sizes and layouts.
  4. Lightweight and Easy Assembly:

    • Streamlining the assembly process makes FSDUs more user-friendly.
    • Use lightweight materials without compromising durability for ease of handling.

Tailored FSDU for Specific Products:

  • Tile Display Stand:
    • Heavy-duty design for tile displays, emphasizing multipurpose use.
  • Fashion Brand:
    • Create a free-standing POP display that stands out, aligning with the brand's aesthetic.
  • Makeup Store:
    • Design makeup displays to be eye-catching, emphasizing the visual appeal of the products.

The Role of a Suitable POP Display Supplier:

  • Choosing the right POP display supplier is essential for:
    • Expertise in material selection and design customization.
    • Ensuring the creation of displays that align with the specific needs and aesthetics of the brand.


Floor Displays

Metal Base Wood Display Rack

Made of high-quality wood

stable architecture

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Floor Displays

Double sided shoes display

Double sides shoes POP displays free standing

illuminated doule sides frame.

with shoe display shelves, can displays 32 pairs (64pcs)

Whole in one piece, all in durable metal + LED strips lighting.

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clothes display rack

Clothes Display Rack

This is a cycle Clothes Display Rack

Made of  metal and stainless steel for economic and surface protection

It is a complete knockdown for a small package and safe transport.

Solid specialist in custom-made POP displays, this is one case we did before for the clothing brand

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Floor Displays

Shoes Try-on bench

Shoes Try-on bench for Acton brand store.

OAK engraved logo top, brushed metal feet base.

All assembled in one pc.

Durable and strong for the sport brand customized.

With adjustable feet.

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Floor Displays

Slatwall display stand

This is one completely free floor standing slatwall displays unit.

It is 1 way for merchandising.

Metal frame and melamine slatwall

slatwall with different standard types of hanging bars or hooks

Header with Channels can fit POP banner or logo

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Footwear POP Displays

Footwear POP Displays

Classic Footwear POP Displays on the Floor Area

Made of metal and mesalamine, MDF

with wheels on the base for easy movement.

Top banner with logo and slogan

knock-down, packed, or assembled design.


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Bike POP displays

Bike POP displays stand

Customized pop display stand for bicycle.

Two layers for merchandising

it is extendable

All in metal, druable and assambled.

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Floor Displays

Metal display platform

All made of metal, one frame and one plateform as the display table

Small size welded in one pc,  knock down type of the big dimension

Suit for the shop and the merchandising platform

Classic type display table for the brand shop.

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Take advantage of your retail floor space with one of our many floor display units, as the one of the important part of the store, how to custom the unique floor POP displays for the sales promotion, brand levels. 

POP displays As the key of your sales key to increased product perceptibility, By upping its visibility – incorporating logo, slogan, or other identifiable signs – to make the brand more recognizable, consumers can opt to purchase the brand being endorsed. FSDU is center of the store

Floor displays and freestanding fixtures are units designed to hold and show merchandise out on the floor-where the traffic is.How to make the Point of purchase of displays? it is related to the products promotion, from the logo, slogan, how to merchandising the products,  position of the POP displays ? it needs expector for the sales promotion

Protecting our environment is the foundation for sustaining our planet, community and economy. Eco-manufacturing is the creation of manufactured products through economically-sound processes that minimize negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources. Solid Displays strives towards long-term success by implementing eco-friendly manufacturing processes

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