Custom POP displays for bottles

Customized unique POP displays for different types of bottles

We all know that most of the daily necessities in daily life are placed in stores in the form of bottles. Whether they are glass bottles or plastic, their display is crucial to the entire shopping experience. Whether placed on a separate floor display stand unit, on the display shelves, tounter top or tabletop, or on the wall shelves, how to merchandise these products is a very important for the store. This article mainly explains the material selection for customizing these Bottle POP displays and the factors that need to be considered for different bottles in different industries. When a brand begins to consider launching new products on the market, how to make consumers accept the new functions of the new products and how to make consumers accept the new products, the POP displays can better present the selling points to on-site shopping. 

 Below we will select two main categories of our common beverage display racks and wine display racks as custom POP bottle displays to discuss.

bottled beverage display

1: POP displays for drink bottles.

Generally, drinks are fast-moving consumer goods, packaged in plastic bottles and sold in bulk, which are heavy. This is a very competitive industry. Every brand launches a new brand every year. Whether it is made with new technology, has new functions or is a trendy drink. When new products are introduced to the market, they need to be recognized by consumers. New products The launch of new products requires new pop display racks to show the selling points of new products so that shoppers can be more clearly informed when they are in the store. According to research, products placed on the customized unique POP displays can increase sales by 20%-300%.

1) Because they are fast-moving consumer goods, the goods need to be quickly purchased by consumers and easily replenished automatically. Therefore, pushers or sliding modes will be added to the POP display racks to achieve automatic tallying. At the same time, It can also automatically display products neatly, keeping the entire store tidy without requiring too much manual work.

2) Generally, they are relatively heavy, so they require relatively strong and durable materials. Generally, they are made of iron or wooden materials to play the role of heavy duty.

3) Clear logo, simple and attractive design, accurate and effective selling point delivery to cater to the love of consumers.

4) The color needs to be chosen to be consistent with the brand’s appeal. Generally, fresh and natural colors are used.

5) In addition to being strong, the POP displayS must not block the packaging of the product too much. Consumers need to be able to clearly identify the product and facilitate selection.


2: POP displays for licquor

If you are considering selling your own brand of wine in a shopping mall or specialty store, how to make the image of your wine prominently displayed in the wine area so that consumers can accept it more easily, this issue deserves in-depth study. In order to win the love of consumers and guide consumers to purchase, in addition to advertising investment, the role of the display stand is also necessary. The image of the display stand must correspond to the selling point. Drinks are usually products with relatively high value and accessories. In particular, customized POP displayS are needed to reflect their value and win the favor of consumers.

There is no doubt that wood is generally used to display wine POP displays. The reasons are as follows.

1: Wood can better reflect the natural warmth effect, which is very consistent with the natural properties of drinks such as wine.

2: Wood is durable and soft to the touch, and can play a very good protective role with glass bottles containing wine.

3: The wood is strong and durable, and has a good load-bearing effect.

4: Wood can be well embedded with brand logos. Whether it is metal or other logos, they can play a good display function.

Custom POP displays for bottles

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