Counter-display Introduction

When you are running your band store or want to sales promotion in the supermarket, you need to consider how to make the Counter-display (desktops display). Through counter top display, your products can be neatly displayed and classified, and in this way, it is easier to highlight the effect of POS/POP, improve the aesthetics of the entire store, and gain shoppers' attraction and favor.

The counter display rack uses the existing counters or desktops of the store as the display platform. The classification highlights the display effect of the goods. The investment is relatively small, but it is necessary. Through a small investment, better sales and brand awareness can be obtained promotion


Features and Applications of Counter Display

1:countertop stand unit:

The goal of counter displays is to make the merchandise accessible, feature and highlight items, protect against shrinkage(theft), and provide ample space to stock merchandise.

2:Trays or Bins

Containers or boxes to hold products or merchandise; they can vary in size, shape and proportion and can be constructed of plastic, metal stampings, or wood.


Risers or small elevations will add interest to a display of small items, such as fragrance, cosmetics, or small leather goods.


Sign holders, brochure holders, literature holders, and other similar items are included.

Through the above, you can clearly see of the different types of counter top displays. It is through better classification and placement, and according to the more personalized placement of the product, the product can be better displayed to sales promotion. With the effect of improving the brand image, it can defeat similar products that are not well classified and improve consumers' consumption experience Similarly, because it is placed on the table or shelves, only some relatively small and light products can be displayed. It can be moved at any time, or placed on the checkout desktop for promotional purposes.


Organizer & collection

When floor space is at a premium, countertop display cases give you the opportunity to display products at eye level. When other products of the same category do not be placed on the shelves or other cabinets properly but your products are neatly arranged and arranged neatly you are the winner in the store.

We can use different types materials to make suitable counter top display unit, it can be metal, wood, it can also be plastic such as acrylic or Fpvc,  it assist with graphic to enlarge the selling point of sales or (point-of-purchase) to shopper it natural and orderly


Counter display box

Counter display box

Matt's black lacquer painting on wood

Counter display box for umbrella

With a handle hole for easy moving

with slat hole channel for brand or POP.

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Fashion Accessories Displays

It is one Fashion Accessories Displays on the countertop

Made of metal, with some holes on the wire for hanging the small accessories

4 horizontal display bars for the display various of jewelry

Silkscreen-printed brand logo on the base

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Counter Signage Display Frame

Signage frame for A4 A5 A6 or customize size

glod brushed color, or customized color

Free stand on the counter top, shelves or others, desktop

2  plexi graphic clips for the graphic

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clutch bag display

Clutch Bag Display

It is simple with luxury-feel clutch bag display stand

Glod-brushed, minimalist stainless steel

it is suitable for the luxury clutch bag store

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Signage Holder With Clips

Signage Holder With Clips

Metal Signage Holder with Clips

It is suitable for various thickness tubes or plates and is simple to slot into.

Clear acrylic signage clips on top

customize dimension, or standard A4 A5 A6 size.

Suit for brand retail store for point-of-sale displays

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purse display

Purse Displays

Purse displays stand, handbag display stand

Black titanium plating, brushed, can be customized.

it is used in retail, offices, homes, etc

height is adjustable to suit different types of purses and handbag displays.

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Glasses Counter Displays

Glasses Counter Displays

House-shaped wooden Glasses Counter Displays

for a fashion brand with unique design and idea merchandising.

Solid pine wood is a good options and show a warm welcome to the shopper

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Wooden Counter Displays

Wooden Counter Displays

Human face-shaped glasses Wooden Counter Displays

Made of plywood, sanding all the surfaces and edges gives it a natural and warm feeling.

Laser-engraved face features for the boost merchandising

Completely known-down packaging and easy to assemble by hand without tools

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The goal of counter displays is to make the merchandise Organized and collected,   How to custom your counter displays?  what is your purpose of of your unique counter displays?

The counter display is relatively small and can be placed at the checkout counter of the shopping mall to display some small items and attract customers to your product counter display. if you products can be organized and collected in the supermarket or in the retail store, then you are the winner in the business market in the competitors

How to make the Point of purchase of displays? it is related to the products promotion, from the logo, slogan, how to merchandising the products,  position of the POP counter top displays ? it needs expector for your sales promotion. solid displays is the specilist in custom POP counter displays from 2008 year.

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