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There are many types of pop display racks, and there are two main methods of classification. One is classified according to the orientation, indoor, outdoor, space, ground, etc.; the other is classified according to the use function, including mural-type POP, hanging POP, counter-type POP, standing (display rack) POP, and window-type POP. wait.

Specifically classified according to the POP setting place, there are the following types:

1. Storefront POP - POP advertising placed at the front of the store, such as billboards, posters, store signs, stand signs, posters, large puppet standing billboards, physical large samples, high-altitude balloons, window displays, advertising umbrellas, indicative logo etc.

2. Hanging POP - Balloons, tags, hanging flags, empty packaging boxes, and decorations hanging in the air of supermarket stores are called hanging POP. The main function of hanging POP is to create a lively and enthusiastic sales atmosphere in the store. The breeze blows, causing various movements, which can directly attract attention from all angles.

3. Window POP – window decorations, stickers, posters, etc.

4. Level POP - three-dimensional displays, baskets, poles, shelves, large puppets, etc.

5. Shelf POP - use the effective gaps on product shelves to set up small POPs, such as price cards, product brochures, table cards, product models, exquisite leaflets, small mascots, etc. Close reading "forces" customers to receive product information. It is an advertisement that directly sells products.

6. Wall POP advertising - POP advertising attached to the wall, such as poster boards, hanging flags, billboards, stickers, decorations, etc.; use applicable facades such as walls, glass doors and windows, counters, etc. to paste product posters and flyers wait. The main functions are beautification of walls and product notifications, with emphasis on decorative effects and rendering of atmosphere.

7. Display rack POP advertising - small POP attached to the product display rack, such as display cards, DMs, price cards, billboards, shelf cards, etc.

8. Ground POP advertising - POP advertising placed on the ground from the store front to the inside, with product display and sales functions, such as electronic display screens, electric modeling POP, etc.

9. Signboard POP - Signboard POP includes storefront, curtain, flag, horizontal (vertical) banner, and electric subtitles. The function of the signature POP is to convey the company's identification mark to customers, convey the information of the company's sales activities, and enhance the atmosphere of such activities.

10. Poster POP - Poster POP is similar to a poster that conveys product information. Poster POP should pay attention to distinguishing primary and secondary information, strictly control the amount of information, and establish visual order.

Specifically, the POP displays that can be used in different places include:

1. Outside the store advertising - signboards, light boxes, lanterns, curtains, drawing boards, inflatable columns, etc.

2. Window advertising - stickers, posters, ultra-thin light boxes, small puppets, props, etc.

3. Door eaves - banners, banners, flags, balloons, light boxes, etc.

4. Door wall - posters, stickers, wall paneling, signboards, pennants, ring column displays, etc.

5. Door level - floor film, vertical pole, vertical sign display, floor basket, large puppet, ground stand, etc.

6. Door frame advertising-fabric signboard

7. Ceiling space - soft film ceiling, hanging signs, hanging displays, hanging flags, banners, etc.

8. Advertising on goods - labels, seals, price cards, display cards, etc.

9. Advertising on the side of the shelf - shelf cards, films, stickers, etc.

10. Advertising on the shelves - display tables, counter racks, counter signs, change dishes, cash detector films, counter baskets, etc.

11. Elevator advertising - color white super transparent film, floor film, stickers, etc.

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