Acrylic Displays

Acrylic POP Displays

A Perfect Combination Of Creativity And Attractiveness

Acrylic is popular in the POP displays sector, it is light but durable, it is easy form in shape by heat and also with various natural colors, especially transparent acrylic is known as plexiglass. When acrylic combined with lighting, it can create very attractive POP displays.

They not only attract consumers' attention but also effectively display the characteristics of products and brand images.

Let us see more details about what solid done for the acrylic POP displays

Acrylic Displays
acrylic POP displays

Acrylic properties and industry use:

Acrylic is widely used to replace glass because of its excellent light transmission, and also because of its own strength and weather resistance, it is safer than glass and lighter in weight. The pressure is easy to process and shape, and it has excellent light guiding performance, so it is widely used in POP displays, in addition to this.

Acrylic comes in sheet, rod, tubes, and different finishes such as glossy, semi-glossy, matt, and frosted in regular thickness and different colors

The acrylic product range covers POP displays: shelves, cubes, holders, Floor POP displays, counter POP displays, raisers, logo blocks, etc...

Acrylic products cover commercial furniture: chairs, tables, legs, desks, etc.

It is popular in brand store sales promotion, cosmetic, electronic-cigarette, make-up brands…

Acrylic products manufacturing process

There are different types of plastic, here we are explaining the acrylic processing, it is the most pupoplar plastic in POP displays. Acrylic is more easy for manufacting, but for the quality acrylic, it needs to professional control.

Once the project order was confirmed, our engineer & operators will be handing the processing to make sure each step is processing smoothly. For the better quality acrylic POP displays, our facilities and operators will be the quality custom POP displays products guarantee.  Solid dispalys in POP displays from 2008 year

Acrylic Displays

Acrylic POP Displays

ac floor stand

Fashion furniture

Fashion deco


Display trays

Lighting show

Capability of acrylic Fabricating in Solid

Capability of acrylic Fabricating in Solid

Solid display not only  know how to use the acrylic in the POP displays to outstand your brand in the store

Annual Turnover: 2-4 million USD

Workshop area: 2500 Square meters

Staff: 30

Facilities in the acrylic workshop

Acrylic workshop: Assemble full set of facilities, 90% of the POP acrylic displays was finished one stop in house control

Facilities list details:


Machine nameQuantitiesOperator
Digital saw11
Directly cutting21
CNC machine42
Laser cutting102
Diamond polishing21
Brun polishing32
Heat bending55

Why & Why?

Acrylic is popular in POP displays 

Why choice acrylic for pop displays?

  1. Excellent light transmission performance
  2. High light transmission,
  3. Weather resistance ,light ,hard & durable
  4. Vacuum in shape easily
  5. recyclable 
Why solid displays is your correct choice
     1: acrylic workshop start in 2008 year, specail in OEM/ODM for the brand
     2: full factilities of acrylic, 90% work was done in one stop service
     3: fast delivery date, not matt is small or big quantities order.
     4: Design, creation & construction in one team work. 

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